Top of the Tasting

Our Chatterer Syrah 2021 was awarded the gold medal and voted 'top of the tasting' by judges in the recent Dish Magazine Syrah Tasting.

Welcome to Squawking Magpie

A boutique Hawke's Bay wine label with a long history in the region, producing outstanding wines 'you will want to crow about'. Explore our award-winning wine selection:

Our Story

It all began back in 1981, when Gavin (our owner and director), planted grapes in Gimblett Road, the Irongate Vineyard.

Interestingly, Gavin was one of the three first growers in the establishment of Gimblett Gravels.

From that very first planting the emphasis for Squawking Magpie hasn't changed. We're here to create outstanding wines...

Weddings & Corporate Events

Planning your big day?

If you're organising a wedding, or need to source some top wine for an event or a business function, get in touch with us today.

Throwing a good party is something we know about.


Wine in the spotlight

“I think as a wine, The Chatterer Syrah 2020, is very approachable, but at the same time sophisticated and elegant. It has a great structure to it and is an excellent choice for a casual dinner party...”

Music Pairing

Some experts believe that pairing your wine with the right music, as well as with food, can make a huge difference. 

So, to set the perfect vibe for your next family dinner party, enjoy our Squawking Magpie Spotify playlist and set the mood from the welcome glass of bubbly, right up to the sound of our  Platinum reds being cracked open.

WARNING: it may contain Bryan Adams...

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